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ADHD Help in Lino Lakes

We do not “treat” ADHD/ADD

However, since ADHD/ADD appears as a neurological disorder and chiropractic care helps reduce nervous system disturbances chiropractic care can help. Many parents concerned with the safety and long-term effects of the drugs used to treat ADHD have been looking for other options. The artificial approach to treating the symptoms of ADHD is to give regular doses of methylphenidate, more commonly known as Ritalin. Ritalin is a schedule II controlled substance related to, and producing similar effects as, amphetamines and cocaine. On the other hand, chiropractic care in our office is completely natural, gentle, and safe.
ADD/ADHD Help at Health Path Chiropractic

Symptoms of ADHD:

  • Trouble staying focused and is easily distracted
  • Appears to not listen when spoken to
  • Difficulty remembering things and following instructions
  • Gets bored with tasks before finishing
  • Makes careless mistakes
  • Has difficulty controlling behavior
  • Problems organizing tasks and activities
  • Fidgets with hands or feet or squirms in seat
  • Moves about or climbs in inappropriate situations

Custom, Corrective Care

At Health Path Chiropractic we do not treat symptoms. Instead, we are concerned with finding and correcting the cause of the symptoms. We accomplish this through a detailed history and through the use of state of the art technology used to detect nerve disturbance. The tests and the care in our office are completely non-invasive.

We have found that children with ADHD are typically stuck in a sympathetic nervous system dominant state. The sympathetic nervous system is part of the autonomic nervous system (ANS). The ANS is responsible for the majority of the body’s involuntary actions (breathing, heart rate, digestion, organ function, etc.). The sympathetic nervous system is part of the ANS is like the gas pedal of the nervous system and its counterpart is the parasympathetic nervous system, which is like the brake. Children with ADHD have the gas pedal floored. In fact, the best analogy for the state of their nervous system is they are like a Ferrari with bicycle brakes. The care we provide in our office pumps the brakes on their nervous systems and allows their brains to focus while maintaining their gifts of creativity and spontaneity (unlike meds which can rob them of this).

Through our history and evaluation if we can find out we can help we will present a care plan to correct the problem. Call today to set up an appointment and find out if we’re the answer you’ve been searching for.


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