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Natural Relief for Bedwetting

Bedwetting Help at Health Path ChiropracticChiropractic does not “treat” nocturnal enuresis (bedwetting). However, since bladder function is under direct control of the nervous system and chiropractic works with the nervous system, bedwetting issues can resolve with chiropractic care. Clearing the nerve pathway from brain to bladder can help eliminate wetting the bed while sleeping.

The first thing we do in our office is we determine if there is nerve disturbance causing or contributing to the nighttime enuresis. We are able to do this through a thorough history and a state of the art non-invasive nervous system evaluation.

How Chiropractic Helps

The reason our approach is so successful when compared to other common approaches to dealing with nocturnal enuresis is that we are focused on addressing the cause of the enuresis. Other common treatments focus on addressing the effect (symptom) or worse taking a “let’s hope it just goes away” approach.

Following the history and evaluation, if we can find out we can help we will present a care plan to correct the problem.

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