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Ear Infections in Lino Lakes

Ear Infections at Health Path ChiropracticEar infections have become so common that they are often referred to as “normal” ear infections. There is nothing normal about ear infections. Symptoms of ear infections are sharp pain in the ear, crying when lying down, loss of appetite, sleep loss, tugging on ear, nausea, and fever. Not only are ear infections tough on kids, parents lose countless nights of sleep worrying about their children.

The most common treatment for ear infections is the use of antibiotics. Unfortunately, antibiotics are usually ineffective for treating ear infections and overuse is dangerous. The majority of ear infections are viral in nature, therefore treating with an antibiotic (which kills bacteria not viruses) does not work. Overuse of antibiotics can lead to gastrointestinal (GI) issues and lowered immune function, which leads to more infections.

This leads to the question, if antibiotics are not a safe and effective solution to ear infections, what is? The answer is chiropractic. Here is why. Chiropractic addresses the cause of the ear infection not just the effects of the ear infection. For that to make sense you have to understand a little about the ear infection. Ear infections are caused by fluid buildup in the ear that, over time, becomes a prime location for bugs to reside (virus/bacteria). The cause of the ear infection is not the bugs themselves; it’s the loss of proper drainage. The chiropractic adjustment opens the Eustachian tube(s) to allow proper drainage.

A Natural Approach to the Problem

If you had an old flowerpot filled with water in your backyard that became a breeding ground for mosquitos, what would be the best approach to get rid of the mosquitos? Would it be best to continue to go back again and again to the pot and dump toxic chemicals on the bugs? Or would it be best to drain the flowerpot? The same is true with ear infections. The best course of care is to drain the ears instead of using drugs to try and kill the bugs.

The safest and most effective way to address ear infections is to address the cause with chiropractic.

The first thing we do at Health Path Chiropractic is we determine if there is nerve disturbance or muscle dysfunction preventing the Eustachian tube(s) from draining. We are able to do this through a thorough history and a state of the art non-invasive nervous system evaluation. We also look at lifestyle and environmental factors that may be contributing to the ear infections.

Following the history and evaluation, if we find out we can help, we will present a care plan to address your child’s ear infections.

Care for infants and children in our office is completely safe and incredibly gentle. In fact, during the adjustment it is not uncommon for the infant to fall asleep.

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