What You Can Expect

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Thanks for reaching out to us here at Health Path Chiropractic! We want to meet the health goals for you and your family, but you probably have a few questions about how we go about that. The best part for parents and families is that we have a special monitored recreation area for kids to play and hang out so moms and dads or grandparents can meet with the doc and get adjusted. Most kids never want to leave!

Our process is designed just for you and your family, so let’s walk through what happens when you walk through our doors and commit to building a healthier life.

What You Can Expect

Day 1

On your first visit, there is no adjustment. We like to take the time to talk about your entire health history. Sure, this may take a bit of time, but we’re committed to learning more about each person and how their health has been impacted over the years. We also ask about your health goals. This also allows Dr. Jami to serve everyone in a very personal way, meeting every unique need with confidence. Next, we conduct a comprehensive neurological exam which includes an in-depth posture analysis and thermal scan. If need be we also do X-rays right here in the comfort of our own practice. Through all these tests and exams, we have enough pieces to thoroughly analyze what’s going on within your body. Before you leave, we’ll make sure to schedule your next visit with us.

Day 2

We’ll meet with you to go over your report of findings. This includes the results of your exams and tests as well as a detailed personal care plan to get you healthy and what that looks like here at Health Path Chiropractic. We will lay out what each stage of care looks like, how long it will last and what your investment will be. If you’re in agreement, we can begin care on this very same visit.

Regular Care

When committed to regular care and chiropractic maintenance, we adjust any spinal interference within the body and answer any of your questions then send you on your way. We respect your family’s time and we won’t ever keep you longer than we have to.

Providing the best care possible requires some key information from you. Please take a minute to fill out our new patient form, and let’s get going on this health journey today!


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