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About Health Path Chiropractic

Function Optimally for Life

At Health Path Chiropractic, our vision is to create such incredible healing results that people visit us from all over the country and the world. Our goal is nothing short of correcting all of the imbalances in your body, so it can heal and cure itself the way it was designed to and function optimally for life.

The Zone Technique

Dr. Jami sustained a serious shoulder injury while wake-boarding-prior to the injury, he had been able to do 50 pushups. Post-injury, he was only able to do three, with pain. In this condition, he attended a Zone Technique seminar led by Dr. Pete Goldman. Dr. Goldman adjusted Dr. Jami twice over the course of the weekend. After the second adjustment, Dr. Jami could once again do 50 pushups. He knew then that all his training and years of practice had been leading him to this: the Zone Technique was his true calling.

We Give People Their Miracle

We treat people with all types of conditions, from chronic illness to debilitating musculoskeletal problems to neurodevelopmental issues. Some “miracles” we’ve seen include:

  • A woman with chronic digestive problems for 55 years: completely cured after three adjustments
  • A man with 30 years of severe chronic back pain: pain-free with full mobility after a few weeks of our treatment
  • A child with anxiety and focus issues, whom the teacher wanted out of the class: anger and anxiety issues are gone, focus is normal and he is fully reintegrated into his classroom
  • A woman with over 10 years of anxiety gone after 2 visits
  • A man told by his doctor that his complete hearing loss in one ear was never going to go away, was gone in one adjustment


An Incredible Journey

We’ve been practicing in the same location since 2011. As soon as Dr. Jami and his wife saw this space, they knew it was where they wanted to open the practice. It’s on a lake with beautiful views, and it reminded Dr. Jami of where he grew up in northern MN. Our time here has been an incredible journey, and one we would like to share with as many people as possible.

Join Us Today

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